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Lola Erhart

Buenos Aires (Argentina), 1989

Her academic pursuit led her to enroll in Fine Arts at the REA (Regina Pacis School of Art) in Buenos Aires, followed by further studies at the University of Barcelona, Spain, where she specialized in drawing and painting, earning her degree. Along this journey, Erhart had the privilege of learning under the tutelage of distinguished Argentinean figurative painters such as Guillermo Roux, Nicolás Menza, Marcia Schvartz, and Ariel Mlynarzewicz. This robust academic foundation seamlessly integrates with her perpetual desire to challenge established artistic norms.

For Lola, art transcends mere visual expression; it serves as a conduit to transform her deepest emotions and seek self-discovery. It provides a realm of freedom where she channels her innermost sentiments and reflections. Her most conducive moments for painting unfold in the mornings, when the world slumbers and her thoughts crystallize. In this creative process, she engages in a personal performance, where music and her body’s movements harmonize with the lines she brings to life on canvas.

Her artworks, centered around the human form, delve into the interplay between figuration and abstraction, merging the precision of drawing with the emotional depth of each brushstroke. Recurring themes in her paintings feature close friends and women in her life, lending an intimate and transcendental essence to her work. Throughout her career, she has participated in various group exhibitions, international art fairs, and artist residencies, including an impactful experience in Los Angeles, USA, in 2015. Her presence in private collections and esteemed museums across Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Europe, and the United States—including the MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art)—stands testament to her profound impact and recognition within the contemporary art sphere.

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