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Jude Castel

Jude Castel (portada)

Brest (France), 1990

Jude Castel, also known as Judikael Geoloc in his real name, was born in Brest, France, in 1990. Growing up with a father employed in the navy, he became accustomed to residing in various locations, including the Côte d’Azur, the Comoros Islands, and Reunion Island during his childhood. These early experiences have had a lasting impact on the artist’s profound fascination with travel, which continues to influence his photorealistic drawings, particularly in his exploration of urban landscapes through a distinctive artistic style

From a young age, Jude felt a unique bond with the blue pen, viewing it as a means to translate his journeys and experiences onto paper. Through patience and unwavering dedication, he has delved into the potential of this unassuming writing tool, elevating it into a potent instrument for artistic expression.

Heavily inspired by the painters of the 1960s, such as Richard Estes and John Baeder, Castel’s depictions of cityscapes, whether on a grand or intimate scale, serve as a continuous evocation of the memories and narratives connected to the structures. These stories are conveyed not only through the visual aspects but also through the meticulously selected titles of his artworks.

Jude Castel’s art distinguishes itself through its painstaking attention to detail and the precision of every stroke he applies with the blue pen. His creations compel us to contemplate beauty in the smallest intricacies and uncover fresh significance in the ordinary. With the blue biro pen as his signature, Jude Castel has mastered its use, elevating it into a distinctive instrument for artistic expression. His talent for transforming simple strokes into intricate compositions and his capacity to evoke emotions through his work bear witness to his artistic genius.

"Centro Botín", Jude Castel (portada)

Centro Botín

(120,5 x 85 cm.)

"And you will have a great time", Jude Castel (portada)

And you will have a great time

(60 x 40 cm.)

"Far from being alone if you ask me", Jude Castel (portada)

Far from being alone if you ask me

(40 x 60 cm.)

"Hermes", Jude Castel (portada)

It’s snowing in Madrid!

(42 x 35 cm.)

"It' a New York thing", Jude Castel (portada)

It’s a New York thing

(75 x 55,5 cm.)

"París Door", Jude Castel (portada)

París Door

(75,5 x 56 cm.)

"Pompidou", Jude Castel (portada)


(56 x 75,5 cm.)

"Under the Eiffel Tower", Jude Castel (portada)

Under the Eiffel Tower

(56 x 75,5 cm.)

"Where does China Town end?", Jude Castel (portada)

Where does China Town end?

(75 x 55,5 cm.)

"You are afraid to be lonely?", Jude Castel (portada)

You are afraid to be lonely?

(49 x 49 cm.)

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