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José Luis Serzo

Albacete, 1977

José Luis Serzo is a multidisciplinary artist who, through his paintings, drawings, photographs, objects, installations, and literature, unifies a discourse in which the imaginary and reality are expressed in an original manner through mise-en-scène, creating exhibition-stories and allowing different disciplines to be explored. He began his studies in Humanities in Albacete and later pursued his Art education in Toledo. However, he completed his studies in Madrid, where he held numerous exhibitions from an early stage.

Through his highly personal symbolic message, he tells stories that transcend the graphic and narrative, skillfully incorporating text into his exhibitions. Within them, the installation plays a fundamental role, constituting a unique narrative and aesthetic universe that opens doors for viewers to explore explicit fables and surreal stories.

Some of his most renowned series include ‘Post Show,’ ‘El fantástico vuelo del hombre cometa,’ ‘Thewelcome,’ ‘Los sueños de I Ming,’ and ‘Los Señores del Bosque.’ He has participated in exhibitions in museums, art centers, galleries, and fairs worldwide, including Munich, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Buenos Aires, among others. Serzo has also ventured into the world of cinema, producing a short film titled ‘Archimétrica,’ which garnered several international awards between 2020 and 2021.

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