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Jude Castel

Brest (France), 1990

Jude Castel (born Judikael Geoloc) was born in Brest, France, in 1990. Growing up with a father employed in the navy, he became familiar with residing in a variety of locations, ranging from the Côte d’Azur to the Comoros Islands and Reunion Island. These early encounters have left an enduring impact on the artist, fostering an enduring fascination with travel that persists to this day. This background also significantly informs his photorealistic drawing, which employs a distinctive approach to delve into urban landscapes.

From a young age, Jude developed a unique bond with the blue pen, viewing it as a medium that enabled him to translate his voyages and encounters onto paper. With steadfast patience and unwavering commitment, he has delved into the potentials of this unassuming writing tool, elevating it into a potent instrument for his artistic expression.

Heavily inspired by the works of painters from the 1960s such as Richard Estes and John Baeder, Castel’s depictions of urban landscapes, whether

expansive or miniature, serve as an unceasing prompt for the memories and narratives connected to the architecture. These recollections are communicated not only through the visual components, but also through the meticulously selected titles accompanying his creations.

Jude Castel’s art distinguishes itself through its meticulous attention to detail and the precision evident in every stroke he applies with the blue pen. His creations prompt us to engage with beauty at the most minuscule levels and encourage us to unearth fresh significance in the mundane. By making blue ballpoint pens his signature, Jude Castel has mastered their manipulation, elevating them into an unparalleled instrument of artistic innovation. His aptitude for transforming ordinary lines into intricate masterpieces and his skill in eliciting emotions through his art stand as a testament to his artistic brilliance.

Jude Castel (portada)
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