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Guillem Nadal

Sant Lloren, Mallorca (Spain), 1957

Guillem Nadal practices his art within a secluded countryside residence in Son Servera, Mallorca. Yet, his life is marked by constant travel, seeking winters in diverse Asian countries, ranging from India to Thailand and Laos.

Gesture and substance have consistently shaped the body of this artist’s work. In pursuit of this vision, Nadal departs from the traditional techniques of a painter, instead directly manipulating paint with his hands—dragging, scraping, and ultimately leaving his indelible mark. His compositions largely embrace a monochromatic palette, as color gradually recedes, leaving it as a secondary element.

Nadal’s artistic footprint spans both solo and group exhibitions across Europe, including countries like Italy, France, and Germany, as well as on an international scale encompassing the United States, Mexico, and Indonesia.

“For me, landscape must exist within the realm of imagination; otherwise, it loses its significance.”

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