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Julien Spiewak

París (France), 1984

Since 2005, the artist has been developing the series “Corps de style” within the interiors of museums and private collections, both in France and internationally. This series encompasses fourteen photographs and twelve studies, where the artist meticulously catalogues a precise inventory by integrating various body parts into the decorative elements. In this approach, there’s a seamless blend between the artist’s concept and its realization, as well as the interplay between the human model and the ornate setting. Additionally, the artist infuses a touch of fantasy into the work, crafting a unique photographic universe.

At a cursory glance, the observer is drawn into the apparent documentary character of opulent interiors often featured in magazines: sweeping room shots, detailed views of furniture, and frontal lighting.

Yet, upon closer examination, incongruous elements reveal themselves in the form of fragments of the human body. These fragments seamlessly merge into the furniture, adopting a range of tones from humor and grace to lightness and subtlety. At times, they even harmonize so perfectly that they blend imperceptibly with the furniture, adapting to its forms and contours. The harmony between the textures of leather and those of wood or marble is striking. This dedication to integration and illusion extends to the meticulous descriptions of the photographed objects, where the names of the models are surreptitiously inserted.

The artist’s work engenders numerous questions, prompting contemplation on aspects such as the fundamental role of photography as a medium of reproduction or the process of re-appropriating objects and artworks in the realm of creative expression.

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