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Luis Canelo

Moraleja, Cáceres (Spain), 1942

From his early beginnings, Luis Canelo has consistently centered his focus on interpreting Nature through various perspectives, all while maintaining unwavering fidelity to this realm of reality. Across different stages, he has oscillated between mineral and organic, descriptive and metaphorical approaches, employing languages that are occasionally influenced by the fluidity of biology or the solidity of minerals, and at other times, by the geometric architecture inherent in the natural order. Similarly, there exists a continuous interplay between the observable landscape and the micro-material details that fundamentally constitute it.

When faced with his artworks, one experiences the sensation of encapsulating various natural environments, spanning different scales. These can range from expansive vistas such as landscapes, orographies, and aerial perspectives, to intermediate settings like gardens and walls. They can even extend to highly constrained contexts, encompassing small elements such as minerals or cells

While geometric structures meticulously arrange space in a rational manner, the fascination with the nascent state of Nature remains unabated, revealing a distinct echo of the pulsation or essence of Matter.

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