Mari Puri Herrero

Bilbao (Spain), 1942

Mari Puri Herrero takes a distinct approach in her art, delving beyond mere literary discourse to explore themes in-depth through the study of light, color, and shadows. This leads to the emergence of various nature-related themes, including the night, which she conceives as a foundation where the interplay between points of light and deep blues takes center stage. Her exploration also extends to the concept of continuous movement within nature, which can be both unrestrained and sudden enough to give rise to spectral figures. An ever-present element in Mari Puri Herrero’s work is her fascination with oriental arts.

Throughout the years, she has invested significant effort in contemplating and practicing the intricate connection between drawing and painting. This fascination has left a mark on her work‚ÄĒher occasionally raw brushstrokes harmonize with the delicacy of figures that almost appear ethereal. Through her creations, Mari Puri Herrero opens a portal into her distinct realm, where her central motif becomes these nearly spectral figures, characterized by their unique and vital movement.

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